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1. It is compulsory for the shooter to read the shooting instructions before the shot and to sign the report that he/she has read them.

2. Before shooting, the shooter must present the required identity document.

3. It is forbidden to enter the range under the influence of alcohol and to shoot.

4. Those who come to the shooting with their licensed weapon and personal inventory pistol must deliver their weapon to the range owner / manager to be checked before shooting.

5. The shooter cannot touch the bullet to be used in the shooting and cannot fill the magazine with bullets.

6. Weapons are loaded only upon the command of the supervisor who is in charge of the shooting.

7. Weapons are loaded and unloaded only on the firing line.

8. Except for shooting, no finger may be inserted into the trigger guard and the weapon may never be pointed at a living being.

9. Firing is not started until the firing supervisor sees that the firing line is secure and gives the command "FILL" and "FIRE FREE".

10. In the event that the weapon does not fire despite the trigger being lowered during firing, the weapon shall continue to be held towards the target and the shooter shall be disconnected from the weapon with the intervention of the firing supervisor.

11. When a sound lower than the normal explosion intensity is detected during the firing, the firing is interrupted. The firing supervisor unloads the weapon and checks the cartridge chamber and the inside of the barrel. If there is a core in the barrel, the weapon is safely taken out of the firing line for repair.

12. If the shooter feels any discomfort such as dizziness, nausea, palpitations or tremors during the shooting, the shooting supervisor shall be informed immediately and the shooting shall be suspended.

13. The firing is terminated with the "Cease Fire" command of the firing supervisor, the magazine is removed, the cartridge chamber is visually checked by loading and unloading, the trigger is lowered at the target, the weapon is secured and left in the weapon storage unit. These commands are given in a loud and clear voice.

14. In cases of emergency and necessity, in situations that may endanger general security and human life, anyone shooting in the range may give the command "Cease Fire". In this case, the shooting is terminated immediately.

15. During the shooting, the shooter cannot turn the barrel of the weapon in any direction other than the shooting, the barrel is kept in front of the weapon storage unit at an angle of 45 degrees to the ground to rest between shots.

16. No weapon that cannot be controlled by the firing supervisor and that is not empty and in a safe condition may be taken out of the firing line.

17. In the firing range, the shooter may not, for any reason whatsoever, violate the safe stance position.

18. Unused weapons are kept absolutely unloaded.

19. When a weapon is taken from a shooter, it is not taken by holding it by the barrel, and no one is allowed to talk to others or attend to any other business while holding a weapon.

20. Any material that falls to the ground in the shooting range shall not be picked up without the instruction of the shooting supervisor.

21. Simple repair and cleaning works of the weapons to be fired or fired are carried out in a separate section outside the firing line. No one other than the officials may enter this section.

22. In case of accidents that may occur at the firing range, the first intervention shall be carried out by the person attached as a first-aider in the operating license.

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