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Bringing our extensive collective experiences in Security and Close Quarters Defense over many years together, we brought the largest and the most modern shooting range in Turkey to life. We see this place as more than just a range, for us it’s a club where you can spend time with friends and family, and a school that can completely meet the needs of the security sector."

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Cem Orçun


After 23 years of service in various units of Turkish Naval Forces, Cem voluntarily retired in 1998. AKADEMİ, which he founded that same year, provide services today all around the country in training and consultancy fields.

Cem ORÇUN is a graduate of the Naval Academy, the Armed Forces Academy, and the NATO Defense College. He holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resources from the University of Istanbul.

Occupationally, he is a member of ASIS International (Advancing Security Worldwide) Turkey Unit, and he remains the Chairman of the Executive Board at TÜMGED (Security Instructors Association).

On his off hours he’s a member of various clubs and associations, and works actively in cultural and philosophical organizations.

He’s married with two children. He knows advanced level English.

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Mustafa Nemli



Born in 1979 in Istanbul, Mustafa Yemli is a graduate of the department of Political Science and International Relations at Yeditepe University.

He worked as an administrator at various international associations and organizations.

From a young age he’s been occupied with many Far Eastern martial arts. He’s held positions at the Boards of Organization and Education at the Wushu and Aikido Federation of Turkey. He’s been hired as an instructor for many years for the Police Academy, for Police Vocational Schools, the Riot Police, and many other public and private institutions.

Having also been the General Coordinator at a gym center for 10 years, he founded Poligon Club with Cem Orçun in 2016.

He remains the head trainer at the Shumeikan Dojo Turkey. (He holds a 3rd degree black belt internationally, and a 5th degree black belt from the Turkish Federation.)


Mustafa Nemli is married with a child and speaks advanced level English.

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